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Air Expandable Shaft

Air Expandable Shaft

Air Expandable Shaft

  • Lug Type Air Expandable Shaft
  • Leaf Type Shaft
  • Differential / Friction Shaft
  • Clutch Shaft Type air shaft
  • Ball Type air shaft
  • Mechanical Shaft (Bladder Less Shaft)
  • Multi-Tube air shaft
  • Our Shafts are Suitable For Unwinder And Rewinder Application
  • Core holding is initiated pneumatically in this sort of shafts
  • Positive gripping and code centering is achieved with the help of lug design
  • Easy handling of cores with uneven inside diameters

Krishna Engineering Works is a Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Air Expandable Shaft, Air Shafts like Mechanical Shaft, Quick Lock Shafts, Multi Tube Shafts, Air Chucks, Quick Lock, Safety Chucks, etc.

This is a very commonly used shaft.

  • It mainly consists of slotted pipes, journals to work with users’ machines, lugs, rubber bladder, and non-return valves.
  • These types of shafts are suitable for both unwinding and winding stages.
  • It can accommodate single-core, multi-cores of a width of more than 150 mm.
  • Type of pipe material, lug material is decided based on duty conditions like load, speed, and core material.
  • The limitations are, it cannot take care of gauge variation or individual core speed variation since slippage is not achieved and core width less than 1 50 mm.
Above price may vary as per customer requirement related to OD/ID. And length and also depends on market situations.Our products and service have established newer trends in the national market and has set trend-path for others to follow. With the keen application of our rich experience and the expertise, we have been known as a reliable and dependable solution provider.

Our commitment always remains to the customer satisfaction.  Air Expandable Shaft is catering to several industries, including packaging and paper!

 Available Size of Air Expandable Shaft:
  • Suitable for core ID. 3, 4 and 6 (metric size and special sizes also produced).
  • Length as per your requirement.