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Air Shaft

air shaft

Air Shaft

Krishna Engineering Works manufactures, exports, and supplies air shafts. We manufacture all kinds of Types of shaft like Mechanical Shaft, Quick Lock Shaft, Multi Tube Shaft, Air Expandable Shaft, Air Chuck, Quick Lock, and Safety Chuck as per the requirement of the customers. Our company always offers the best air shaft products at reasonable prices with excellent service to our customers while maintaining the highest professional standards.

We can offer a wide range of Air Expanding Shaft with extended Multi Bladder Shaft, Knife Holding Shaft, and lug shaft, manufactured in aluminum or steel to rewind any type of material and any roll of weight. We are winners of 3 times the National Award and 2 times the International Award for Quality. We also Manufacture Spare Parts for Air expandable shaft.

The differential shaft is a sophisticated winding shaft for a slitter rewinder machine, used as a duplex shaft winder.

  • It is able to compensate for speed variation due to gauge variation with multi-core.
  • A core width of at least 20 mm is possible.
  • Reel holding is possible anywhere in the entire width.
  • No time loss in re-positioning cores as no gap pieces are required.
  • The shaft can run very fast.

Air Shart Manufacturer

This shaft consists of a slotted shaft, rubber bladders, hard and ground steel cage with ball type gripper. Teflon strip for better slippage and self-lubricating segments separating two adjacent steel cages.

 air-shaft1. Single Core
2. Multi-Core
3. Max. Core Length
4. Min. Core Length
5. Core I.D.
6. Bearing No.
7. Gear Bore
8. Sleeve Bore / O.D.
9. Keyway Size (in any)
10. Air Valve Location
11. Shaft Diameter
12. Weight of Roll (on Air Shaft)
13. For Unwind/Wind/Center Wind
14. Both Side Shaft Type
15. Cantiliver Type


  • Suitable for core ID. 3″ and 6″
  • Length as per requirement.


  • Load up to 2 tons
  • Suitable for Core l. D. dia 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″ (metric size and special sizes also produced)
  • Length as required
  • Speed up to 1000 Mtrs/min
  • Suitable for core materials: Paper, Steel, Thermoplastics
  • Minimum core width 20 mm

 General Materials of Construction:

  • Pipe – Steel
  • End Generals – Steel – simple or hardened
  • Cam – Brass
  • Lugs – Hardened Steel / Rubber

 Types Of Air Shaft: